Hi, I’m Mike.

I’m the owner and founder of MitieClean

I started MitieClean on 11 November 2019,  We started as an every day soft service cleaning company, cleaning windows, power washing pathways etc and through the requests of our customers we found some niches in our hometown, in roofs & render that we decided we wanted to excel in.

So that’s what we did. 1 year on, through lots of trial and discovery we’ve found who we’re going to be and restructured our company for how we’re going to tackle year 2.



Where it all began

What a difference a year makes. The first in business was turbulent to say to least… a full national lockdown for our first spring. Great. Everybody locked up in their own house, using their own karcher’s was not good for a young MitieClean. We needed something different. Through virtue & request we become the property maintenance company we present to you today.

I look back at my marketing laugh at how crap i was with my advertising when i first started, which was tbf totally in line with our capabilities at that time…. but making meme’s was the best to my capabilities back then. Now I’m producing videos that i totally love. #growth


15.12.95 – 15.3.20

Kallam Robson

Kallam was my good friend prior and right hand man from day 1, he really helped get the ball rolling while discovered ourselves. Kallam will always be a great loss to the friends and family he leaves behind.

I really wish he could see what he would have helped to achieve today.


Trader of the Week

We were obviously really pleased to feature in the local news paper twice in our first year with one time as Trader of the Week. Lockdown 1.0 was a major blow for a young MitieClean but by lockdown 2.0 we were in a position to do our bit and help sanitise businesses within the town.