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Gutter Cleaning

The mitieclean gutter vacuum will allow us to reach 13m, easily clearing gutters of 2/3 story properties, over and above conservatories and in between restrictions such as telephone wires, safely and effectively.

  • Safe & effective gutter cleaning
  • Reach of 13 metres
  • 2 & 3 storey properties, no problem
  • Keeps your gutters free from blockages
  • Can reduce risk of damp and leaks
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, everytime

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  • Competitive Rates
  • Fully insured
  • National Coverage
  • Satisfaction Guranteed

Save money with a roof & render project ‘same time’ clean

Moss is a roofs worst enemy

Delicate roof cleaning services


Gutters that are filled with moss, plant growth, and various debris can cause blockages, overflowing, and even damage and distort the gutter components due to the increased weight.

Our gutter cleaning services uses ground level cleaning equipment along with a wireless inspection camera and monitor that allows us to safely remove all vegetation & debris from your gutters.


Commercial industrial units & warehouses often suffer from heavy vegetation and plant growth in the guttering.

Unlike most residential guttering, blocked commercial guttering can cause rainwater to overflow into the building itself, causing huge disruption to the business operations below.

Servos are able to carry out gutter cleaning on high-rise commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial units; giving you piece of mind that your business can operate without the unnecessary disruption caused by water ingress.

Firstly we remove all vegetation including moss, plants, soil and twigs etc; we then flush out the gutters with fresh water to ensure an in depth and effective clean.

Save money with our top-to-bottom cleaning services

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We are comprehensive & professional

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We’re usually always available to discuss your projects in or out of hours. Feel free to message us on Facebook

Quick & Efficient

Our cleaning treatment process can usually be completed in a single day for most sizes of properties.


We do all our processes by the book as advised by manufacturers of the chemicals we use

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We strive to be the most competitive company in the North West while maintaining strict quality standards

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We offer free & fixed estimations on all projects with no obligation to purchase

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Save money with our top-to-bottom cleaning services

Get your home finished & jobs completed with a full range of property cleaning services by mitieclean

mitieclean are equipped to handle all sizes of projects while mostly stood on the ground. Our equipment allows us to reach over and above conservatories and outbuildings with minimal effort. Our operatives hold powered access licences to satisfy H&S requirements.

Make mitieclean your first port of call and contact us today.


Have some Questions?

We only use the best of the best when it comes to cleaning chemicals. All our chemicals are environmentally responsible and legal compliant

There’s a time and a place for steam cleaning and K-Rend (and other types) of brands do not recommend steam.

Biocide softwashing chemicals have a wide range of uses and will keep all surfaces perpetually clean once fully treated

No expensive scaffolding is needed on residential properties as chemical is pumped through hoses at low pressure, giving customers a totally cost effective & safe solution compared to painting


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