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Render Cleaning

If your render is dirty & stained its usually always because of the build-up of biological growths such as algae or fungi and can be cured with the process of softwashing. By using low pressure steam & biocide treatments we can return your render back to new without the huge of expense of painting.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Harmless to all known building materials
  • Long lasting clean
  • Can be used on many surfaces
  • Sanitises and disinfects areas
  • Pumped through telescopic poles

Render Cleaning Services

We can transform tired, dirty, dull looking render back to its original appearance. If your walls are showing signs of red, green & black staining, this is due to the accumulation of biofilm colonising on the surface. With the simple process of softwashing MitieClean can effectively treat and clean areas without the need for repainting, which can cause more damage and maintenance problems further down the line.

Because most of whats discolouring your render is a microorganism, it’s important to know that it is alive and will continue to grow and get worse unless it’s been treated. Our biocides tackle the root cause of the problem rather than, just cleaning it off from the surface, we work deeper into the material ensuring its sterile. Thus, leaving no starting point for the biofilm to grow again from, resulting in a long lasting clean.


Our biocides work on any and all effected substrates, such as render, roofs, dashing, concrete, it can double up as a wood preservative and a disinfectant for play grounds, running tracks and astroturf. By using non-aggressive techniques, mitieclean can methodically and effectively remove all biological staining from your exterior walls and elevations.

Render Cleaning Options

There are a number of ways to clean the render of your property. One is labour & chemical intensive & the other is slow yet cost effective. How you decide to have your render clean is entirely up to you. We have described and provided the two different types of options available to you, along with the products manufacturers videos. We can provide a fixed quotation upon viewing the property and getting a measure of total coverage m2 required.

If you require (a more labour and chemical intensive) instant clean we can use a sodium hyptochlorite biocide treatment, which is essentially a bleach without the added chlorine. A instant clean may take a day or two depending on the size of the property. It often requires 2 maybe 3 applications @ 1 hours dwell time for immediate clean. The 3 step interchangeable process is as follows;
  • We remove the thickest of the contamination using low pressure concentrated steam. This will reduce and open up remaining organic material and start breaking down pollutants.
  • We also treat the surface with an a sodium hypochlorite biocide, this will soak into the surface and kill the organic spores. This is first applied by spray then brush in application an hour later as required.
  • We finish by applying a quaternary ammonium biocide, which will prevent spores growing again, increasing the life of your clean render. This chemical is the “slow” chemical which would also achieve the same results in 4 months.
95-100% improvement will usually be seen on the first visit. However, some biofilms will become water soluble and wash away in the following rainfull and continue fade with natural weathering. Additionally, staining from carbon or rust can be removed if necessary but is not included in the biocide capacity to remove it. This is ad hoc and only done is necessary. 
If you’re patient, and/or would like to keep your costs down, or having a periodic maintenance treatment, it’s important to know we can successfully clean render with a simple ‘spray and away’ treatment.
A ‘fast’ treatment will clean surfaces in hours, where a ‘slow’ treatment will achieve the same result in only four months. The quick treatment uses a quaternary ammonium biocide which kill all micro-organisms and will clean its self with natural weathering. As the sun makes the biofilms water soluble ready for the rain to wash it away.
This is the most eco-friendly and efficient way to clean render and roofs, it does not provide instant results and can be used as an annual maintenance program as required to be covered by your K-Rend Warranty. Once it’s completed its first full clean cycle, then maintenance applications are instantaneous and any substrate from around your property will stay forever clean.

Unfortunately, render treatment does not last forever but properties can still enjoy up to 7 years+ of clean properties once it’s fully cleansed, depending on the local environment. The idea is when you start to see any signs of organic growth, quick spray and everywhere is sterile again.

K-Rend advise their customers to have a treatment every 12 months to keep their properties within warranty and perpetually clean.

It’s an advantage to some of our power washing customers to spray occasional biocide applications around the grounds to remove the need of continual pressure washing.

Painting over contaminated render

First of all, don’t do it unless it’s been properly treated beforehand. It’s important to remember that the biofilm is alive and grows, if you paint straight over biofilm, you will only do half a job as it will eventually grow and cut through paint, making it weak, flake and very difficult maintain and impossible to keep pristine without some proper restoration work… Its akin to wallpapering over a damp wall, you wouldn’t & shouldn’t do it.

We have taken pictures of some surfaces that have been painted over in the past and the damage it can cause. If you’re a painter & decorator, or plan on painting your home yourself, you will benefit from having our cost-effective, slow & steady treatment, which will kill all biofilms and make it safe to paint over. The process must be completed at least 24 hours before you paint with one dry day in between.

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