What We Do

Roof Cleaning

Regular maintenance of your roof keeps your roof looking nice but also prolongs its life. Although moss and algae don’t directly damage the roof tile, they do create quicker degradation to the roof and its ridges by absorbing moisture,  which can penetrate to the undersurface.

Above all, cleaning your roof just looks good but also prevents your gutters getting clogged up on the regular.

Basic Service Includes

  • Full Roof Inspection
  • Roof Scraping
  • 90c Steam Clean
  • Full PVC Clean
  • Grounds Power Washing

+ Additional Treatments, as desired.

Why Choose Us?

  • Local Business (not a franchise)
  • Impressionable & Professional Service
  • Heavily Equipped & Capable
  • Handyman Services
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Free Site Survey & No Obligation Quote

Save money with a roof & render project ‘same time’ clean

Moss is a roofs worst enemy

Delicate roof cleaning services

We can transform tired dirty dull looking moss infested roofs back to it’s original state quickly, cheaply & safely. Our state of the art patented ThermaTech cleaning system will blitz away any moss, lichens & fungi away using steam instead of brute force, like a pressure washer would do. With the simple process of softwashing MitieClean can clean & treat your roof, preventing it growing back for a superior length of time.

That roof moss looks nice…. Said no one ever. Roof moss looks terrible, incredibly heavy & load bearing. expands when its frozen, absorbs moisture and causes degradation all while blocking your gutters, which can eventually cause damp. New roofs are very expensive, but having it cleaned isn’t. We can prolong the life of your roof with different types of treatments to make it live longer.

Roof Cleaning Services

Whats involved and included?

For the average house, a full roof clean can be completed in a day with biocide treatments, because its a messy job you tend to get most of the areas around your home cleaned by default as we’re tidying up after ourselves. Included in all basic roof cleans;

  • Full Roof Inspection
  • Roof Scraping
  • 90c Steam Clean
  • Full PVC & Window Clean
  • Grounds Power Washing

We’re able to go further and give a more comprehensive service offering any of the optional additional extras

  • Tile Replacement (A handful usually come free depending on tile type)
  • Ridge Tile Pointing
  • Biocide Treatments for long lasting clean
  • Waterproof Coatings
  • Roof tile painting

The Biocide Treatments is by far the most popular addition to our customers…. Not only will a lightly stained roof clean its self, given enough time (read more) but it will keep your roof clean for far longer than just a basic clean alone. As the biocide dries, it leaves a residue on the surface so any deposits from trees, wind or birds will be dead before they even take root.

We offer free fixed quotations based on your every need